Welcome to Valley Family Medicine

a division of Valley Internal Medicine, LLC

We are located at the Wes Bryan Building. We offer personalized family health care to the people of Decatur, Morgan County, and the surrounding areas. In addition, our providers have access to over hundreds colleagues within Huntsville and Decatur area that provide services in almost every area of primary and specialty health care. We want you to feel assured that you are in the right place and that your health care needs will be met.


All patients will receive access to appropriate medical care within a reasonable length of time. Appointments will be made according to type. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.


We have health care provider on call 24 hours a day to provide emergency and urgent medical needs. You will always be able to reach one of Valley internal medicine’s staff members when you call after hours.


Depending on the type of appointment you need (regular follow-up, consultations, Pap smears, physicals), you will be scheduled as early as possible. Please provide us with information about whether your insurance pays for well visits or preventive care at time of service.